Towards a Fungal-Human Symbiosis: Surviving the future

Antoni Gandia is going to deliver insight into his research and experiments on fungi and their mycelia. The fungi are extremely important to the health and nutrition of humans, animals, plants and all kind of living ecosystems. In human societies the fungi have tremendous economic and cultural impact. In addition to the multiple kinds of fermentations and fungal-based foods, fungi are incredibly useful as chemical and pharmacological biofactories or carrying out delicate tasks such as breaking down man-made pollutants and biological weapons. Today, fungal biotechnology is a major participant in the global innovative industries. Moreover, the best is yet to come as new technologies such as mycelium drones, mushroom super-batteries or fungal-chitin coating for spaceships are being developed. If it has been told that we all need somebody to lean on; thus, these microorganisms are promising partners for humanity.

antoni gandia gandia

(c) Antoni Gandia